Kalamaki Dog Aid

Kalamaki Dog Aid

Jo first visited Kalamaki, on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, in 2013 where she met an English lady who had lived there for 28 years. She told Jo about how she had helped feed and care for the dogs there for years and as a result Jo got to observe and understand the issues they have with stray dogs.

During the summer the stray dogs are in fairly good health because they are fed by the local restaurants and tourists, but during the winter the dogs are totally reliant on caring people who live there to feed and water them. The solution is not necessarily capturing these dogs and flying them to the UK for rehoming, but instead castrating and spaying to reduce the number of puppies being born, increasing the population.  Litters of puppies are often discarded, being dumped or even drowned.  Adult dogs are often poisoned to reduce the number of dogs before tourist season begins and some are dumped during the Winter months due to the costs involved in feeding them.

With this in mind, Dog Trouble decided to set up a sustainable programme-Kalamaki Dog Aid, with the support of S.O.S (Sterilise our strays) -in Zante and a local Greek vet to establish a reduced cost sterilisation programme, where if people wish to, they can make a one off donation or set up a monthly direct debit.  By sterilising stray dogs we can prevent the number of puppies being born on the island and reduce the population, in addition to providing flea/tick treatment. We truly believe in this programme being the answer to improving the quality of life of Kalamaki stray dogs who are on the whole happy living in their natural environment. So why not support this programme and save a life TODAY by donating!

Your donations to help support this programme would be gratefully received. No gift is too small to make a difference.
Thank you.

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Can we please also ask you to read and consider signing the attached petition, which has been set up to try and do something to help
Stop the Poisoning of Dogs on the island – thank you!